Wattpad book cover

So on Wattpad you can upload a book cover, and I designed a new one for my poetry collection today and just wanted to share it.

Author: chocolateromanceandactivism

Hello! I am a reader and writer, and want to get my work exposed to more than just my friends! My favorite book is The Vault Of Dreamers by Caragh O' Brien. Caragh O'Brien also is my favorite author and one of my favorite people. :) - I write YA literature and poetry. - I'm not very good at updating consistently but I do update, I swear! - Social Accounts: Wattpad: @chocolateandromance Instagram: @_aria_s.inger_ Youtube: Aria S.inger Twitter: _aria_s_ - Things about me: Hobbies: photography, writing, reading, singing, art Future plans: Major in vocal performance Activist for: ALL LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, rights in general #feminist Favorite Wattpad authors: @siriusly_fandoms People I look up to: Caragh O'Brien, my grandma, the majority of my teachers: past and present, Liza and Casey, the creators of Clover Letter Other things about me: Clover Letter ambassador, pansexual, favorite color is purple, I don't know what else. - Something you should know about me is I generally have minimal to no physical descriptions of characters because when I'm reading I imagine a character often before they are described and skip author written descriptions.

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